The Relaxed Home Schooling Workshop

Available as a set of 8 cds or MP3s

This workshop is usually given on a Saturday, from approximately 9-3, and covers all aspects of Relaxed Home Schooling. The 8 cd Relaxed Home Schooling Workshop covers the same topics, although the cds go into a little more detail than can be accomplished in one day.

Note that frequently, groups will ask Mary to give a separate Friday night workshop that is geared towards parents and teens, to cover the high school years and college entrance thoroughly, and then make Saturday more geared to parents of the younger children.

Another possibility is to have a Friday night session which is geared to the larger community, with a discussion of the 'why's' of homeschooling, and a general discussion of the concept of relaxed homeschooling, and then a Saturday which focuses primarily on the specific practical applications.

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