Relaxed Homeschooling Workshop Series

Relaxed Homeschooling Workshop Series

Set of 8 CDs

This cd set offers a complete overview of relaxed homeschooling. It contains the following workshops: (cds from the set can also be purchased as individual CDs. See below)

1. Overview/Mary's family stories

2. Setting goals/relaxed record keeping

3. How to look more like a family, less like a school/ Overview of elementary methods and materials

4. Reading & Writing the Natural Way/Using Children's Literature

5. Methods of social studies & science

6. "Taking the Frustration out of Math" Incorporating music, art, & drama into your home school

7. Working with middle schoolers

8. Working with High Schoolers (includes information about preparing for college).

They can also be purchased individually for $8.00 apiece.

$ 39.95


Relaxed Homeschooling Workshop Series - $39.95

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