Curriculum & Facilities

Curriculum & Facilities

We do not believe in the use of one boxed curriculum for the entire school. Our curriculum will consist of lots and lots of library books; an occasional workbook chosen specifically for an individual child to help him or her learn the basics; and a variety of hands-on experiences and projects.

We will have unit studies in social studies and science, and will let parents know by email which ones we are doing each month, so you can follow along and add things if you wish. We will also feature one artist or art form, and one composer a month.

Our day will begin with opening ceremonies and a Bible story. The children will respond with drawing pictures and/or narrating the story. We will alternate periods of movement and activity with sit-down work. After the Bible story, we will be doing something active, such as folk dancing, for a few minutes. The morning snack break will be followed by 90 minutes of the basics, alternating between sit-down work and active projects. The majority of academics will be over by noon. The afternoon will feature 90 minutes of art, music, outdoor play, and use of the gymnasium in inclement weather. We intend to build an outdoor education area, including a garden, in the fall, and will be involving the children in the planning and construction.

Field trips, including visits to places like Red Top Mountain State Park and the usual zoos, museums, etc., will be done on many Fridays, pending sufficient parental help.

We plan to gradually expand this school, grade by grade, so that the oldest children will never have to leave unless they want to...but who would want to leave a spot that is this much fun?

We will not be giving any busy-work, workbook style homework. We want the children to have a childhood like the old days, with plenty of free time. However, we also believe in the children having work responsibilities in the home. As much as is possible given the compulsory attendance law, we want to enable parents to also take educational trips with their children, without counting it as an absence...since we believe life and education are really one and the same.

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