Hopewell Primary School- Cherokee County, GA

Hopewell Primary School- Cherokee County, GA

A Ministry of ARCHERS for the Lord, Inc.

You can't let a good building go to waste, right? While running our homeschooling resource center in the youth building at Hopewell Baptist Church, we noticed that their preschool area was just sitting there doing nothing during the daytime!

We decided to use the space to create a primary school (K-3) starting in fall of 2017. Note: This is an actual school, NOT a homeschooling program. We hope to gradually expand the school by grade level.

The school day will begin at 9:00 a.m. (students dropped off between 8:45 and 8:55); and last until 2:15. Children younger than six may be picked up at noon if you would prefer; tuition, however, will be the same either way.

It will be a very different sort of atmosphere. Inspired by the ideas of Charlotte Mason, coupled with the relaxed family environment we are known for, we hope to help children to live relaxed lives in a rich educational environment. If you are unfamiliar with the ideas of Charlotte Mason, you might find it helpful to read "For the Children's Sake" by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.

We feature: lots of reading to the children; individualized instruction in the basics; projects; lots of music, art, and drama. Outdoor education and field trips (pending sufficient parental help!)... We believe that parents have the ultimate responsibility for their family's education, and strive to be good servants to the parents.

We do not believe in :common core; the need for accreditation/certification; busywork homework.

We do believe in: a balanced childhood, time at home to play, work with the family, and just be a child!

For more info, email Mary Hood,, mary.e.hood@gmail.com. Our next information night is Tuesday, July 18, 7:00 at the main church building at Hopewell Church, 78 Ridge Road, Canton ,Ga 30114. Between Canton and Woodstock, just off Bells Ferry.

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