Concerning Honorarium/Expenses:

All monies raised through Mary's speaking engagements and books are paid to ARCHERS for the Lord, Inc., and go directly towards the goals of the organization in promoting, supporting, and encouraging home educating families. This is a non-profit ministry.

Specifics are subject to negotiation.

A. For larger curriculum fairs, the following are customary:

1. Expense money, consisting of airfare and airline fees and hotel fees. (ARCHERS will cover the cost of meals and incidentals.)

2. Honorarium, with a minimum of $250 if not requesting permission to record and sell the talks; minimum of $500 with permission to record and sell talks.

3. Speaker's table for showing Mary's materials and having a place to interface with parents between talks. No sales will be conducted at the table. Table will be unmanned during Mary's talks unless fair wishes to provide a volunteer.

B. For smaller fairs and support groups wishing to have Mary come speak:

Specifics are subject to negotiation. However, Mary will still need expense money, although for smaller fairs and workshops, she will consider staying with a family in lieu of a hotel, provided she has a private area with a private bathroom that no one else will be using during her stay.

For places within driving distance of Atlanta, her home base, the expenses will include any additional hotel nights that are required, plus the cost of gas. For places where airfare is required, the expenses will naturally include airfare and incidental airfare fees. ARCHERS will expect to also make a sum of money in addition to expenses to justify the time and effort spent to have Mary come speak.

Workshops generally charge a per/person fee of somewhere between $15-$25 (spouses are always free). There is then a pre-set minimum number of registrations to ensure expense money and compensation for ARCHERS. Some groups prefer to set a fee and pay out of the group treasury. In the case of smaller groups, please contact Mary directly. Sometimes a few workshops can be set up in such a manner that groups can share the expense money.

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